The 84 man

December 2, 2011

Official, ten kilos gone.

I feel good and I did it on my own terms. To get up to the 90’s again was fucking stupid, but the pride from such a loss? Oh it’s big.


November 11, 2011

I’m very protective with my writing even though I want to get it out there! Soooooo I think this self deprecating shit needs to stop.


Better than I’ve ever been.

November 11, 2011

Just because STWOC is rocking doesn’t mean I’m no longer TFM!

This week for my writing was a test, because I’d completed nothing new, but had been working on something.

Then out of left field came Becoming Rational.

Writing again makes everything better. oh and I’m closing in on 85 kilos. Not quite but nearly!


November 2, 2011

Today was a good day. I can’t talk about why it was good, but just trust me it was.

The good news was able to get me to work on time. Finish two more pieces, ones just been uploaded to STWCO.

Done it. Whoop there it is


November 1, 2011

I’m beginning to think I might need a seperate blog for my writing. Just the work and nothing else. What I want to do is populate it with new stuff and repost older stuff.

tfm is too big and my ramblings bury things I’d like people to see. Remove links keep the seperate for whenever I can be bothered and just focus on writing.

Back! Backbackbackbackback

October 29, 2011

Oh man I feel good. I’m feeling the anxiety and the frustration that comes with writing what I LOVE to write.

I always dream about writing stories, but for me satisfaction comes from the verse I do.

Losing your voice is never a good thing. Two fucking years my God!

Two years of stuttering starts and fizzling out. Two pieces in a week may be a good sign, but not only that, but the passion is back.

No blame, but I think people moving on, and feeling shattered about certain things blocked me in some ways (and no I don’t mean people in fucking Melbourne those people can eat shit though). Brissy fell through then hope did too. Hey it happens. Life is life

Dreams are well and good, but time can kick their ass.

Another thing is I’m good. Losing weight and no longer replacing my daily water intake with red wine.

I used to worry about retreading familiar ground, or appearing darker than I actually am, but FUCK that. The simple fact that I want to write again is enough. other people can judge my shit. I’m just happy to churn it out.



October 28, 2011

Never lived during wartime
but thinking about the draft
Would I faithfully take up soldiering
or try to break my hand

I assume I’d be army
with a minimum of training
Out of my depth in battle
wildly firing my gun

Would I learn responsibility
gain respect for a hierarchy
Finally drop and give a twenty
and clean out a latrine

Could I develop discipline
and a military precision
With a single-minded focus
and actually get things done

Can’t imagine running miles
or facing shots from rifles
Taking orders from officers
or jumping out of planes

Will they skip me for my height
exempt me for my sight
I promise I wouldn’t mind
to remain on the sidelines

La di fucking da

October 27, 2011

I should be in bed right now and I will shortly, but I’m just gonna say that for now screw stories. I think I might maybe possibly, be back to writing my shitty verse.


October 27, 2011

The career that I’ve chosen
is none
I’m working for pay not to get paid
I’ve got no riches
or no woman
My days are waking sleep
The career
I’ve chosen is none

The more I answer the phone
the more it rings
I love the freedom the opposite brings
Gimme silence
leave me be
Remember when you could walk free?
Never answer the phone
when it rings

Satisfaction can leave
things undone
I like the idea more than the action
Being capable
but not doin
Won’t see it through not even screwin
I’m satisfied leaving
you undone.