The Wonder, Hyperstation, Eliminator Jr.

August 16, 2010

Instead of the expected nightmare, I had a sleep of awesome. Much of the dream left not long after I woke up but some of it lingers.

I’m walking through the city, especially back alleys, but they don’t look like the streets of Melbourne, more like a different country with low buildings, clothing hung up everywhere and I owned some kind of textile factory. Something was making me sell it, this mysterious force had a name but it escapes me now, but it was forcing me to change whether I liked it or not. This force was leading me in directions from a distance. Another force accompanied me everywhere and wouldn’t shut up, it’d distract me and lead me to places I never planned on going. I went along with it.

A woman came with us and we acted like old friends, took a while to realise it was Tina Fey. But was she coming with me or also following this annoying distracting entity?

It’s dark, but I notice a third figure that was all black. Black in the way a white man would be with the wig and the paint in all black clothing. I got the idea in my head that if we were in the snow he’d look like some kind of wraith like albino. Camouflaged perfectly. I recognized him instantly and got angry “My Inspiration!” He was in front of me all along and somehow the big picture and small picture entities nearly made me miss him altogether.

He smiled wide and might have spoken, but I don’t remember. I did see him smile like a chesire cat before disappearing too soon as always.

When Inspiration had left we met a skinny man in dreadlocks who Tina and I simultaneously called Trilogy. We both then verbally abused him for the prequel Star Wars films being made as the short-term entity led us by submarines and all sorts of other things. Trying to take us somewhere getting closer and closer until the phone rang.

I spoke on the phone, hung up and went back to sleep, but the dream had passed.



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