August 23, 2010

The weekend was pretty good. Friday night hung out the the Mich and ended up drinking more gin than I should. I found myself sleeping on the wrong side of the bed and a couple things in my room on the floor. There are about 3 hours I don’t remember. Mich assures me it was awesome.

Saturday night was a house warming party/election party at a mates place. I wasn’t really looking forward to it to tell the truth, because barring some exceptions, I don’t get along with most of them. They seem like cool people, just not people I’d like to be around. I’m not going into it any more than that.

E came with me and when had enough we went back to his place where his lovely roomate offered us mushrooms. She’s awesome.

Tomorrow I start the full time remedial, but Fridays are off. This Friday being my 28 or 18 2.

My iPods broken, won’t restore to factory settings. Fuck.



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