Down is the new up

August 25, 2010

I’m a grumpy mother fucker right now, but damn it life is awesome. Little things have been chipping away at me and I don’t know who it is who should feel lucky I won’t be able to get my hands on fire arms. But feel lucky.

The car no matter how hard I try is deteriorating like my previous cars, except this time I give a fuck about motor transport and am trying to make sure my optimism mobile doesn’t commit suicide like previous cars I’ve called mine.

Remedial stated this week and OH SHIT. Man I’m nearly 28 and there should be no way I could ever enter an environment like high school unless I become a teacher. Yup apart from Braz and I everyone is late teens/early 20’s and fucking annoying. The two we’d befriended quickly remembered what high school was like and copied the others.

One of the fuckers threw one of those giant balls used for sit ups at me which smacked me square in the face whilst drinking coffee. Serenity prevailed through gritted teeth. We’d been getting along so well, but what the fuck is that?

My iPod has kicked the bucket and whilst I found my old shitty MP3 player I cannot find my goddamn headphones. The iPod slowly deteriorated and wouldn’t play certain songs, but others were fine. The one day nada. Fucker died and refused to be resuscitated.

Got a parking fine on the weekend. Mushrooms make one lose sense of time.

Changed difficulty on my game to easy so I could chill out and have fun. Keep dying anyway.

Every women I meet and I do mean EVERYONE has a fucking boyfriend. I’m considering not trying anymore and just assume that hey you have a vagina, you must be taken. Jesus Christ all I say is hello and I get back tales of the boyfriend. Are there romance novels for men? Gimme one.

Rearranged some things in my room for convenience. TV in new spot has made neck hurty. No the damn thing is staying put.

Yup I’m still awesome. The rant has made me feel much better and even before that I have considered this month a total fucking win. Yeah there are afew days to go and my birthday can go verily shit but nah it won’t.

I win for these reasons: 1, unlike nearly every August since I’ve been born, I haven’t been sick. 2, I wrote a tiny piece. 3,no matter whats happenned or what I’ve tried to rationalise, I’ve never touched a cigarette. Number three spells victory and number four will be the awesome time spent singing songs and getting drunk with mates.

Two weeks today without a fucking smoke. It’s hard as hell and everything big or small makes me want to cave in an have just ONE drag.



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