But you’ve only gotta Live To Win

September 21, 2010

Double birthday weekend was good. Actually thats putting it mildly, fucking awesome comes closer to mind.

Friday night was T’s big night, but didn’t start out that way. No offence to him, but i didn’t want the low key event he seemed to. A part of the night was to involve going to a gig with T’s favourite band Keith Party! With a handful of people at the party and time ticking by T was in two minds about going to the gig. So I did him a solid and carried his butt out the door.

The gig was a bit of a debacle from an organizational stand point. the pub wasn’t allowed to have live music after 12 and it was ten to 12 when KP went onstage. Keith party as usual didn’t listen and we had a decent show from them that finished by 12:25.

Back to T’s and the party in our absence had turned into something fucking epic. All booze drunk, great conversation and dancing till the sun came up.The party was so good I don’t think I had more than 8 drinks.

When I awoke at 15 hundred I didn’t think I’d be in any shape to go out again. Turns out I was. Another friend had a party at Charltons which was small in attendance, but fun nevertheless. It turned out I was one of the few people in attendance who hadn’t previously dated the party girl and I’m friends with her ex. Weird. Her current boyfriend didn’t turn up so she was upset but eventually made the best of it. But much singing and booze was done.


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