It was the T-shirt

October 17, 2010

Weekend good, universe good and small. Lucky t-shirt, I have one. Compliments feel awkward. Optimisim mobile opeational and feeling fine (my car). Lap top keyboard can’t be replaced, must clean. Reading people, getting better. Holding cards, becoming a pro. Glasses prove that the booze wasn’t fucking with my eyesight, it was just tiredness. Body clock only works when sober. It’s hard to imagine sexy women having a sex drought. I seem to be in damage control all to often, must work in public relations. I think too much and play things by ear. I hate making the first move 80% of the time, I do my best work reacting. I have more fun with very little money, it takes me further. Met a 77 year old Korean war vet who said crime and violence has always been rampant on public transport, especially the further south you go. We don’t evolve, we find ways to do the same old thing with any new things.  I get into situations that are cliched sitcoms waiting to happen. I’m going to bed to have the sleep of someone whose satisfied, but doesn’t know why


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