I’m ridin on the Thunderchief

October 29, 2010

Got pulled over by the police yesterday in my deteriorating optimism mobile apprently for a brake light that came on too late. Pulled over hoping he wouldn’t ask me to step out of the car, because I have to use the outside handle to open it. I was also hoping he wouldn’t notice how the bonnet sticks up. Dad said it was lucky he didn’t notice the broken indicator light.

Handed him my licence answered some questions. Its pretty easy for me to sound relaxed and uncaring these days so no nervousness. Did a breath test, came back negative. He walked around the car passed the broken bonnet and indicator and handed me the licence back. Said fix the brake light and drove off.

This cop either doesn’t care about writing up piece of shit cars or he doesn’t know anything about them. Bigger fish to fry probably. Cops have been checking cars for days now. Obviously the cars radiator was shooting out waves of optimism, like a Jedi mind trick.

They drive off, Motorhead was put back on loud, I drive home.

Just reread that, thats kinda funny, I’m depressed and my optimism mobile is deteriorating. Heh.


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