Bad Luck & Trouble

November 3, 2010

Its good to be able to be excited about things. Little things maybe, but its all that really feels good at the moment. Watching movies with my sister, reading as many Reacher books I can get my hands on and a glass of red with Robert Carlyle and Stargate Universe. I still can’t believe he’s doing the show.

I joined an indoor soccer league. No idea when we start, but I joined it. I’ve never cared for watching the game, but the few times I played it were fun. Hopefully I’m in defence, but not goalie.

Okay and I know this is too much information and please feel free to skip this or at least never bring it up in conversation. The Celepram has robbed me of being horny. I just don’t bother now because I can’t finish anyway and I’m not going to spend all day doing it. I’m not impotent, I just don’t care.

As I said too much information, but it feels good writing it here. I make no apologies though, I’ve said alot of things here and all you need to think is that I’ve been taken for mad.



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