Som-ba-ero ero ero hey hey hey

December 24, 2010

My computer decided to be a bastard. Especially when I knocked over my coffee all over the keyboard. Uncooperative prick!

I’ve been good, today my sexy red bike was made rideable again. Which I’ll ride into exhaustion and be frustrated with myself then pop another citalapram.

Last weekend I was sociable baby! Twice! Went to the end of my old works Chrissy party then we went to the pub for booze and laughs. I received so many hugs that I felt like  care bear.

The next night D-Man and the Lion joined me for some karaoke crazyness. Good times.

In ex workplace related news, I’m going back on the phones.  Earn some money whilst slowly trying to earn some money with my qualified massage hands.

An addiction I have is American late night talk shows, especially the Late Late show and Conan.

Soccer is on break till the 16th of Jan.



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