January 10, 2011

The hum of the air cooler is always reassuring. No matter how cold I feel, as soon as its turned off the heat comes back. Not the heat from the weather, but that does contribute, my body temperature remains a smouldering constant.

Saturday night was great, good company though a kind of standoffishness between myself and one of the lovely people at my table. I’ve grown to hate apologising, feeling like its something I do all the time. It should mean something. Which it did, the lovely person in question seemed to appreciate it and the night became less complicated in my head. What I didn’t twig to before which I have now is she gets me and accepts my quirks. Most of my friends do, but this is different.

Interesting images of the night have stayed with me, the karaoke midget with the mormon looking girlfriend. A woman who looked like Kirsten Dunst dressed in a short plaid dress, a man who looked like a shadow of my former self. An unexpected reunion from an old TAFE buddy on the train who now happens to live in my street.

A new week has so far brought out some unexpected energy within myself. It will hopefully go well with my new improved chemically induced attention span. My glasses are broken, but my vision isn’t impaired.

The hum of the air cooler continues.


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