Show me an oasis.

January 22, 2011

Yesterday.  I’d been feeling something all day and as I was getting ready to go to a friends place I was feeling the closest I’d been during this depression to something approaching anxiety. On the walk over I put on my headphones and put on the best damed Motorhead album of them all and……………. I was okay.

The pubs might not have been my scene, but the booze was half price and the people were friendly. I did my best but I was dry. Drier than I’ve consciously ever remembered. The good thing was people found it funny, a dry deadpanned wit isn’t always a friend maker. I met a wing man someone so extroverted that to hang around him seemed to be a surefire way to get laid. We were this close with a charming pair of attractive italian women when my friend got kicked out with one of her friends. She usualy gets kicked out for fighting so I left to find them them both finishing up a fight. The I made sure they both got home okay.

The universe feels compelled to send me off on weird adventures, then pulls the rug out from any female intanglements.  Of course this is just how I explain things. There is no God, no guiding force, no karma, no universal surprises and no luck. Things JUST happen, some good, some not, but they just happen.



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