Confrontational Ethics + rant

March 5, 2011

I’m going to keep this short and simple for the spineless to understand.

If you have an issue with a person, confront them about it like an adult. Don’t go running home to Mother or in this case the Boss.

Despite my personality, or because of it, I get along with almost everyone and that is because if at first I seem like a bastard, you get to know that yes I’m a bastard, but a lovable, harmless and friendly one.


Never wake the fucking dragon.

I have two people on my shit list “Bai Ling” you know who you are you tiny little bitch. And this guy at work who never had the nutsack to tell me he had a problem. It wasn’t my fault you suck at briefings and cannot answer questions to save yourself. If I’m not happy you’ll know about it and you got a good ear full didn’t you? Enough to make you soil your pants and complain to the boss.

Never wake the fucking dragon.

People can handle normal happy fun Luke. They can handle semi or full on depressed Luke. No one really knows how to deal with an angry Luke. That’s because I rarely get angry.

Did I mention not to wake the dragon?



One Response to “Confrontational Ethics + rant”

  1. bai ling said

    Why are you so angry for me? All i ever want to do is give encouragements for you writing your poems, i think they are very beautiful and it is sad for me you Are Not writing them too more. Then I see a someone that taking my name to write for you, it make me very sad and angry! I hope you are not too sad and angry for me about this, i did not write those mean things for you!!!

    Please put this comment on your page because i am very sad to see how you are upset with me, i want to say my side of story.

    Hopefully you will work out problems for this person at your job so you can be “loveable rouge” for long time to come at SPC.

    PS check out my new film “62 pickup” coming soon!!

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