Love me or go home

March 19, 2011

Another good week, this is becoming a habit I hope continues. The long weekend was wonderful, went to Karaoke and hung out with a new and older friend. Wel chiiled out shot the shit, sung some tunes and got blind drunk.

Sunday the brother from another mother came over to hang out which was looooong overdue.

The extra day off was spent playing Xbox and a fake guitar.

Work was great. I’m well and truly in my stride, its awesome seeing people everyday be they new or old faces.

I’m starting to think that the only person who lets my weight get in the way of anything is probably me. Accepting my appearence is going down well. The new friend at Karaoke said something that stuck with me and then an old work buddy said “Yeah Sims, love me or go home” Which is what she said after I told her about the donut with choclate sprinkles.

The new comic shop is awesome, I get to hang out with a couple of awesome dudes, have a chat and buy my funny books.

Oh and holy shit just hit 700 posts. For anyone bored that would be an interesting waste of time reading all this bullshit.

One week till Motorhead



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