The Letter.

April 20, 2011

And I’m back. I like surprises and today I got one of the best. A couple of weeks ago my sister needed us to write letters about what we thought of her, which was to be read out at a school camp she went to. At the time I was feeling detached and stoic, which I think helped the letter as there was no bullshit in it, I was blunt to the point. Clear and concise.

Today I was feeling anxious, wanting to go get comics, but not wanting to ride the train. I found out that at my sisters camp they had to write letters back to family members. I got mine today. There I am full of energy and indecisive and this letter makes me smile.

I’m not going to say what was in it, thats for me and me alone, but it was beautiful and spurred me on into riding the train and actually doing something.

I’m a very lucky man and have been consistently since 1994.


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