Gimme a Hell Yeah! (You want fire, ashes see me lying face down)

August 7, 2011

Trains no problem, work no sweat, people rock.

No meds.

Shitty things have happened this year as well as some craptastic relapses in behaviour. Solitude is balls, people rock, I smile more than I probably should, not as much bothers me, I feel closer to being able to write again which will be weird in a happier state of mind.

I still think a good rant is healthy, get it all out there, then forget about it. Throw away all your bullshit.

After this pouch of tobacco I’m done. Time to look as good as I feel.

What I love about feeling GOOD, is that it doesn’t fundamentally change who I am. You can still love me or get fucked, in fact embracing this line of thinking certainly helped put me in the right frame of mind.


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