Powerhouse of energy

August 24, 2011

No builds up to my 29th. All you need to know is I’m happy.

I drink and smoke and tell the well deserved to get fucked. I don’t solve problems I run at them so fast they piss themselves. I’m an unintentional motivator and a friend that would be found in the cult section of a video store.

I give up, then turn around and kick my cowardice in the balls. I give as well as I take. I’m overweight so I bounce back hard and fast. My life isn’t like a roller coaster, because I’m too short. I’m the guy in the dodgem car thats going to smash things up.

I’m a loud rude crude teddy bear who loves you all. I’m grumpily optimistic so fuck you.

Other people have said this and I’m a gonna chime in “I’m Luke Sims bitch!”

Love me or get fucked. See you when I’m 29.


One Response to “Powerhouse of energy”

  1. T said

    Happy birthday. Love yer work.

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