A random mind

September 18, 2011

I’m no longer going to be embarrassed at being awesome at my job. On the other had I’m going to stop asking others how they are doing.

Talking shop will be kept to a minimum.

For someone who likes to say whatever he wants, I’m going to from now on stop saying the word sorry. Unless absolutely warranted I’ll not be using that word anymore. Apologies should mean something.

Indoor soccer is good. Nothing makes me play harder than losing every week. To be beaten can be frustrating and humiliating. But to continually lose even after you bust your ass, isn’t a failure. Losing shows you how you can get better.

I’m losing weight.

People dress as their personality dictates. “Clothes are the skin of the mind” I like being in a shirt and tie, but looking a bit shabby. Perfection is dull.

A good artist can make the ugly, beautiful.

All parking should be free.

Universes expand, make yours bigger.

Don’t be swayed by having an unpopular opinion.

Fuck having a bad voice, sing loud sing proud.

When you bump into people you no longer associate with, try not giving a shit. Self consciousness is a weakness.

Let people talk about you, you made an impact. I used to get pissed off by this, people still talk about me, but I don’t care. I’m happy.

Crap people are out of sight and out of mind. Mostly, everyone thinks about shit. You never forget a touch, a look or the good times.

If someone you barely know sticks by you when the shit falls. That person will be a friend forever. Hold onto people like that.

It’s okay to dislike things and be pissed off. Vent it out. Tell people, rant online anonymously,  publicly scream your lungs out. Just vent, the best way to let go is to let it all out.

Read comics, they are far ahead of any other medium.




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