October 22, 2011

I say many things here and all of them are true. I may change my mind or be full of all sorts of intentions, but nothing here is a lie.

People are contradictions.

One thing that has remained a constant is my mission to lose weight. I was close to 95 kilos when I started and now I’m 88/89 kilos. This has been done by exercise, smaller portions of meals and from being a person who got drunk nearly everyday to being someone who only drinks on Friday and Saturday nights.

At first not having a drink on a daily basis was hard, but now after six weeks its the norm. The money I save means on weekends I can drink things better than cheap red wine. I’ve been loving my weekly bottle of scotch!

And also to encourage the weight thing, I use sugar free cola (not gonna product place here) in my scotch.

It’s funny. The more I lose weight the more cocky and confident I feel. Even though I still have the belly, knowing that slowly (VERY FUCKING SLOWLY) it’s disappearing, has made me enjoy life that much more.

I feel loved and I’m feeling awesomer every day.


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